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submission rules

acceptable format: nsf only

The following music editors allow you to create nsf files:
ENerdtracker II
Eyour original sound driver

however, it may be still difficult to make nsf file with those softwares.
if you cannot convert your tunes on those softwares to nsf,
feel free to contact us. we might be able to help you.

text based music edit which mck requires might be pretty strange for people who
are familiar with traditional trackers such as impulse tracker, fast tracker and modplug
tracker etc. in fact it has been a completely unknown style except in japan until recent
years. if you're interested in mck, we recommend you to read virt's mck beginner's
manual at first.
can be submitted to one person five songs

file division when it doesn't hold it with a long tune and so on isn't recognized.
the same person isn't understood if mail account is acquired and it applies for
another kind. that side is left to each person's conscience.

both originals and covers
(including unadorned copies) are allowed

you have to specify original song title and musician's name in case you submit cover
songs. any covers without clear notifications will be disqualified.

use internal channels only

you can use internal five sound channels in which NES's CPU called RP2A03 has.
(square1 square2 triangle noise dpcm)
email us if you're keen on using external sound devices.

agreement for entry distribution etc.

you should agree that your entry will be disclosed on our site during the competition
period. it might be redistributed to other site by hyperlinking. we are not responsible
for those cases. during vote period, we'll put your song with partly modified header
information to our site. not only nsf but also mp3 recorded from g-nsf (or alternative
player if needed) will be available.

G-NSF is selected in the official player

the one that it applies is to make it adjust a work with "if possible" G-NSF.
G-NSF is windows only.
the one except for Windows is to teach me that preparation environment.
G-NSF download is here G-NSF ver0.133a english ver

email submission

if you agree to conditions the above, email us your entry with the following templete.
(copy & paste to the email, and fill.)

subject:famicompo entry

[song name] :
[original or cover?] : you must specify original composer name and song title here,
in case of covers.
[composer name] :
[recomendable player] : the player you used for adjustment, or your favorite player etc.
[music editor] : nt2, ct, mck et al.
[sound source file] : please fill if you like.
[comment] : anything.

* we don't force this form, except cover specification.

email address to submit is joseph@zophar.net
you'll receive confirmation from us after you emailed us.

feel free to send questions and comments via email.
webmaster: joseph@zophar.net


CONTENTS top entry vote results